Building an Apartment out of Living Rooms – Complete! The Before and After! – #25

The second apartment is finally finished and was also rented before completion in mid-december!!!! Once again we focused on cutting costs without compromising quality, or layout.

We avoided corners in the kitchen to help minimize the cabinets needed to purchase and switched to white prebuilt cabinets from maple (resulting in 30% less expenses).

We refinished the hardwood floors by PAINTING them ($22 TOTAL)!!! I couldn’t be happier with the way this apartment turned out!

Landlord Lessons:
– Cut costs without compromising quality or your layout. We saved at least $1,000 by reconfiguring our kitchen alone!
– The hardwood floors look very chic and couldn’t possibly have been done cheaper or to withstand more wear and tear! The paint we used is designed to withstand garage floors!
– Dress up the apartment by adding small touches. With just $20, we dressed up our kitchen by simply adding cabinet door hardware from IKEA.
– DO spend extra money where it adds exponentially more value. (It doesn’t always pay to be cheap!) By spending an extra $65, we upgraded our shower stall to a full tub enclosure, making the bathroom, thus the apartment, MUCH more attractive.