The Ultimate Landlord Lock: Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt – #27

After installing the new deadbolts by Kwikset, it’s hard to imagine going back to the “old days” of replacing the entire deadbolt to rekey locks. Once installed, rekeying takes literally 3 (THREE!) seconds (watch to see what I mean)!

Not only is replacing deadbolts a thing of the past, Kwikset also added a second cylinder for a master key. One key for your entire property! Finally!

Landlord Lessons:
– As apartments become vacant and you need to rekey them, install the Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt.
– Never have the awful realization you forgot “that” unit’s key for showings or repairs! – Create “temporary keys” for units to give to Repair/Maintenance Men. Simply rekey when the job is done!
– It’s official, finally! You are wasting time and money by replacing deadbolts with other “one use” deadbolts.